EAM Work Management

Keep Your Assets in Peak Condition with Streamlined Maintenance

FinanSys Apps Enterprise Asset Management (FSA EAM) provides an integrated approach to managing work and assets.

With the FSA EAM Work Management App Group, you can easily optimise maintenance operations and keep things running smoothly.

It empowers you to plan, schedule, and execute maintenance tasks efficiently, ensuring that your assets are always in peak condition.

The FinanSys Apps platform gives you extensive features for limitless use cases. These features enable you to automate EAM Work Management processes and replace your EAM Software.

Not only can FinanSys Apps replace your EAM Software, but it can also replace all other 3rd party software. Reducing your need to manage multiple disparate systems and helping reduce your costs. It’s one platform to replace them all.

Why FSA EAM Work Management Is Different

The FSA EAM Work Management App Group combines simplicity with power, making it the go-to solution for maintenance teams. It provides customisable workflows and automated task assignments, amongst other capabilities.

You can easily and quickly create and manage planned maintenance tasks, schedule them with full automation as needed, and assign the right people or teams to make sure they’re carried out efficiently.

Plus, all of this data is integrated in real-time with other apps in the FSA EAM suite to give you a complete view of your business.

FSA EAM Work Management Dashboard & Report Overview

Summary Work Order Dashboard

With a well-designed and intuitive interface, this dashboard provides a high-level overview of all Work Orders in FSA EAM. From here, you can click to see key information for Emergency Breakdown, Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Movement and Transfer, as well as Disposal Work Order.

Empower your team with a dynamic tool that’s designed to keep your maintenance operations organised.

Work Order Details: See all the vital specifics you need, from total work orders and location to asset criticality and total asset breakdown in a given time frame. It’s your one-stop source for comprehensive work order information.

Work Order Emergency Type

This allows you to respond swiftly to critical situations and take immediate action to resolve issues, ensuring safety and preventing costly downtime.

Work Order Corrective Type

This dashboard gives you all the information you need to address and rectify issues promptly, minimising disruptions and maximising efficiency.

Work Order Preventive Type

With this, you can plan and execute routine maintenance tasks to maintain smooth operations, reduce unexpected downtime, and ensure the longevity of your assets.    

Work Order Transfer Type

Get a bird’s eye view of all the movement and transfer of assets and equipment within your organisation. This allows you to efficiently manage asset transfers and streamline the process, ensuring that assets move smoothly between locations.    

Work Order Disposal Type:

Navigate asset retirement with ease using the Work Order Disposal Type Dashboard. Follow proper disposal procedures and stay compliant with regulations for environmentally responsible asset retirement.

Work Order Report

This report provides detailed information about a specific work order. Work orders report provides a summary of the work performed and related details including the assets, parts & tools, the task, and the additional cost. It helps track and manage work requests, ensure accountability, and provide documentation for auditing.

FSA EAM Integration

FSA EAM comes with powerful middleware and integration to enable you to integrate with the other systems you use to manage your business. You can push, pull and convert data from any system, giving you a single source of truth in one platform. You choose the single source of truth for data – FinanSys Apps or any other external system and leave FSA EAM to do the rest.

The FinanSys Apps Data Connector allows you to collect real-time data from your existing IoT sensor modules. Alternatively, we have a partnership with an IoT (Internet of Things) sensor module manufacturer, and we can bundle sensors into your EAM project for you.

FSA EAM Attributes

Customisation Capabilities: With FSA EAM, you have the power to customise fields and columns effortlessly. The intuitive drag-and-drop feature allows you to tailor the system to your organisation’s specific needs, with no limitation on field types, ensuring that you capture and analyse the data that matters most to you

Dynamic Dashboard & Reporting: Harness the power of next-gen Business Intelligence (BI) with FSA EAM. Our system allows you to customise dashboards and reports, transforming complex data into clear, actionable insights. You can make informed decisions and drive your organisation forward with ease.

User-Friendly Interface: Technology should be accessible to everyone. FSA EAM boasts a clean, user-friendly interface that is both intuitive and easy to navigate. You don’t need to be an IT expert to utilise the system effectively; it’s designed for users of all levels. To ensure successful user adoption we provide two weekly free training sessions for all our customers

Simplicity with Power: FSA EAM’s strength lies in its simplicity. It may be straightforward to use, but it packs a punch when it comes to fulfilling your company’s asset management needs. FSA EAM addresses an extensive list of EAM use cases.

Other Purchasing (P2P) Use Cases

If you have a unique requirement or use case that’s not listed on this page, it’s highly likely that it’s creatable or configurable in FinanSys Apps, please speak to our team and we’ll be happy to discuss your options

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