Business Intelligence Software

Convert data into actionable
insights with a few clicks

FinanSys Apps comes with advanced Business Intelligence software as a standard feature. 

With it, you can retrieve, visualise, consolidate, analyse and report on data from multiple sources across your organisation in one place. 

Using FinanSys Apps middleware to seamlessly connect all your business systems, you’ll have access to all your data in one place

This gives you real time visibility of your business performance, allowing you to act upon valuable insights. 

In FinanSys Apps, you’re able to drill down to source data at a transaction level so you can get the most granular view at a few clicks of a button. 

The Business Intelligence software is designed for businesses of all sizes and industries, with a variety of features to help users gain insights into their business operations.  

FinanSys Apps is easy to use and provides users with the ability to create custom reports and dashboards to suit their specific analytics needs. With FinanSys Apps, your organisation can improve its decision-making processes and gain a competitive edge in your markets.  

Import, Export and Connect

Using FinanSys Apps’ data-connector, you can import and export data from anywhere.

Analyse in one place

Having your data in one place allows for easier analysis and quicker insights.  

Mail Merge

Automatically extract key information from any of your data sources to create a mail merge.

Export To Excel

Export to Excel quickly at the click of a button for further analysis.

A picture paints a thousand words

Create beautiful dashboards and reports from thousands of ready-to-use templates available or create your own from scratch to help you tell a story and provide actionable insights. 

What is the difference between Business Intelligence and Quick Reports?

Business Intelligence (BI), combines business analytics, data mining, data visualisation and data tools to help you make data-driven decisions. Creating reports using the business intelligence feature is more in-depth and provides more insight. The business intelligence feature can show you live data in a range of visual styles across a range of business systems.

Whereas the quick report builder provides fast insights and takes a fraction of the time to create reports. It provides on-the-go reports when you need them quickly.