Accounting Automation

Goodbye re-keying & manual tasks. Hello time and cost savings!

The Accounting Automation feature is unique to FinanSys Apps and unrivalled.

With FinanSys Apps, data can flow seamlessly to and from your
accounting software meaning journals post automatically and users are always seeing the most up-to-date data when entering or approving a transaction.

FinanSys Apps comes with a flexible data connector builder that allows you to connect to your accounting, ERP, CRM, HR and other business systems. It can automate a process and automatically create a journal and post it into your accounting system.

Using FinanSys Apps drag-and-drop app builder, you can build applications for any business process for any user inside or outside your organisation.  

FinanSys Apps powerful accounting automation can then:

Foundation Apps

FinanSys Apps comes pre-installed with a set of Foundation Apps as standard. These are apps that are commonly requested in FinanSys Apps and users are encouraged to take these as a starting point and customise for their own use.  

Included Foundation Apps

Integrate FinanSys Apps with your FMS or ERP

With FinanSys Apps Data Connector , you can seamlessly integrate any Financial Management System (FMS) or Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) system

This integration will enable accounting teams to close faster and more accurately, while improving analysis and reporting capabilities. Your FMS/ERP will synchronize continuously with FinanSys Apps to ensure your data is always up to date 

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