Automation Software

Automate business processes across all
your departments with FinanSys Apps

FinanSys Apps Automation Software is suitable for SMEs through to enterprise-level organisations.

It is particularly strong at Accounting Automation, but has the capability to be used across all departments in your organisation.

It allows you to remove repetitive tasks from your team’s to-do list so more time can be spent on higher value tasks

Automation for all your departmenets

From Accounting and Finance to HR, operations and sales. FinanSys Apps can be used to automate workflows, processes, reports, data sending and receiving between systems and much more!

Automation for any industry

FinanSys Apps can be flexible to the needs of any industry. It can facilitate basic automation all the way through to more complex set-ups.

Automation Use Cases

There are multiple use-cases that our customers have for FinanSys Apps, with more use-cases being found each day!  

Example Use Cases 
Financial Accounting
Reporting and analytics 
Human Resources 
Compliance and Audit