Enterprise grade software without the price tag

Access all Features and Use Cases. No paywalls. No hidden fees.

Full User Pricing

Price per user/per month. Billed annually

What's Included?


Simply put, we give you access to every feature. There are no additional fees, no upgrade costs or hidden pay walls. 

Every feature is included as standard. 

That’s why FinanSys Apps is truly the one app to replace them all. 

Enterprise Level Software as Standard

FinanSys Apps is enterprise level software without an enterprise price tag or set up complexities.

No matter your organisation’s size, from small and medium-sized enterprises to global conglomerates, FinanSys Apps can do as much or as little as you need it to. 

It’s one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market thanks to every feature being available under one price plan, with no hidden fees or feature paywalls.

You might see other providers with pricing that talk about ‘Basic’, ‘Standard’, ‘Pro’ and ‘Enterprise’ price plans. And each tier is priced differently with paywalls and limited features unless you upgrade.

You won’t see that with FinanSys Apps.

All full users get access to every feature and future release.

We have not pay walled FinanSys Apps features. This keeps it simple and promotes the growth of FinanSys Apps within your organisation.

Economies of Scale

FinanSys Apps starts at £15 per user per month and reduces to £9 per user per month with the more users that are added to the system. You can make significant savings by having one cost-effective system that connects finance to all departments in your organisation.

Full User Vs Credit User

Full Users can do anything in FinanSys Apps subject to User Role permissions settings. Full users can be reassigned if necessary.

You may need occasional or one-time access users (e.g: contractors and visitors). Our pricing caters for these instances by offering ‘Credit Users’. We allow Credit Users to be created for free and only consume a Credit for each full transaction.

Credit User Pricing

Credit user information

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