FinanSys Apps: The Perfect Way to Enhance SunSystems and Get the Most Out of It

If you’re looking for the perfect system to enhance SunSystems, then you need to look at FinanSys Apps. FinanSys Apps provides a dynamic array of enhancements to SunSystems with an ever-growing range of use cases.

FinanSys Apps is designed to integrate seamlessly with SunSystems and extend its capabilities. It can extract, send, and convert data to and from SunSystems to automate tasks and update other systems, drastically improving efficiency and accuracy.

If your organisation uses other business systems (CRM, HR, etc) along with SunSystems, FinanSys Apps can connect all these systems (or potentially replace them).

If changes are made in one system, FinanSys Apps will automatically update all other systems. This makes it easier to keep data up to date across all your departments and eliminates the need for manual re-keying of data.

FinanSys Apps was created to be the one App to replace multiple systems. With it, you can consolidate your 3rd party systems into one app, which gives you the added benefit of having a single source of truth.

This will reduce costs as you’ll no longer need to purchase additional 3rd party systems such as middleware, BI, document management and workflow software.

With the ability to link to other back-office systems, FinanSys Apps is the perfect SunSystems plugin for organisations looking to improve their financial and business management processes, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs.

Why subscribe to SunSystems via FinanSys? 

By subscribing to SunSystems through FinanSys and/or being on our SunSystems support, you can take advantage of a unique offer that is not available through any other provider of SunSystems.

You will get a 1:1 license of FinanSys Apps at no additional cost.

With the FinanSys Apps subscription, you will receive a variety of features and apps, including No-Code Application Builder, Middleware & Integration Engine, HR, Enterprise Asset Management, Accounting Automation and Business Intelligence (to name a few!).

This is a great benefit for SunSystems users, who typically have to purchase full user licences and implement various third-party software to meet these needs.

This offer from FinanSys provides a cost-effective solution for organisations looking to enhance SunSystems, automate their processes and strengthen their reporting capabilities.

FinanSys Apps is an all-in-one solution that facilitates a limitless number of use cases at no extra cost, making FinanSys the most affordable provider of SunSystems.

Why Enhance SunSystems with FinanSys Apps?

FinanSys, the authors of FinanSys Apps, has been in business since 1998, selling, implementing, maintaining, supporting, and hosting core accounting, finance, and ERP systems (including Infor SunSystems and Oracle NetSuite).

During this time, we have noticed that our customers’ needs have grown significantly for add-ons, components, and functional enhancements to their core accounting and finance systems.

To fulfil these use cases, customers were spending and using multiple systems simultaneously to solve their business needs. While this solved one problem, it created several others which you may also be experiencing, including:

  • Significant cost increases
  • Integration issues
  • Consulting efforts and costs
  • Maintenance and support demands
  • Time wastage through manual tasks
  • Systems not easily configurable
  • Multiple licenses and renewal dates
  • Switching between multiple systems

Using our 25+ years of experience across multiple sectors, we built FinanSys Apps to solve all these problems and more.

FinanSys Apps offers tremendous value by providing a comprehensive suite of applications and workflows designed to streamline financial and business processes for organisations and effectively replace the need for several individual business applications.

This eliminates the need for multiple software fees, logins and interfaces like Middleware / Integration / API Software, Workflow Software, Business Intelligence Software, Document Management Software, and Software for Standalone Use cases (e.g., expense management, procurement, budgeting, and forecasting, etc.).

FinanSys Apps is enterprise-grade software without the cost, allowing you to make significant savings by having one cost-effective system that can be used for everything.

FinanSys Apps’ seamless integration with SunSystems allows you to leverage your existing infrastructure while benefitting from its wide range of powerful capabilities and features.

A Secure and Future-proofed API Integration

Are you currently connecting to SunSystems API using a third-party application?

If so, it’s likely that you are connected to SunSystems using its underlying database. With the launch of SunSystems Cloud, all direct database connections will close, which means your 3rd party application may no longer be able to connect to SunSystems.

Your 3rd party application may have to be re-developed to connect to SunSystems API as opposed to direct database access.

The good news is that FinanSys Apps has been written from the ground up to connect to SunSystems using best practices, with a secure and future-proofed API integration.

FinanSys Apps always uses the official API for each product to ensure continual support and operations.

FinanSys Apps integrates out of the box with SunSystems (and any other finance / ERP/ business systems you may have). So, you will benefit from its features and use cases alongside SunSystems.

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